RingoTones.Net is an portal team is very negative about copyright infringement. Therefore, the resource ADMINISTRATOR applies all measures to reduce copyright infringement by using the services provided by the free resources playgab.net provided through the exchange of information of our users.

Therefore, if you own the copyright, it does not matter if it is the right to reproduce or distribute and your rights are infringed in some way or another using our playgab source, please inform us by letter (immediately). electronic form) using the form below. Your message will be reviewed without delay; You will receive a message regarding the results of the actions taken regarding the alleged violation of exclusive rights. The complaint will be reviewed in a period that will not exceed 3 (three) business days.

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1.Data about material:
1.1. The name of the material is English
1.2. Official product page on the Internet (if available).

2. Information about the copyright holder:
2.1. Full name
2.2. Mailing address
2.3. The copyright holder on the Internet.
2.4. License for the right to operate (if such activity is authorized in the manner provided by law).
2.5. Contact person of the right holder (full name, position, telephone, email).

3. Claim the data.
3.1. The address of the page of the site that contains links to copyright infringing data. The link should look like https://ringotones.net/XXXX/XXXXXX
3.2. A complete description of the essence of the violation of the rights (why the distribution of this information is prohibited by the Rights Holder).

If you are truly the copyright holder and against the fact that your materials are on our site, we will delete all files by submitting a performance report.

If you are a company that is a copyright holder, you must provide the following documents:
1. The number assigned to the product according to the state register. (Scan document)
2. The procurement for the right to speak on behalf of this holder or the rights holder!

CAREFUL! We do not exercise control over the actions of users who may re-submit links to information that is your exclusive right. Any information on the site is placed by the user independently, without any control from anyone, which corresponds to the accepted global practice of placing information on the Internet. However, in any case, we will consider all of your correctly formulated requests for references to information that violates your rights.